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     She shys away from the ordinary, giving readers ring-side seats into some rare and  rich approaches to art. From Paul Wilson’s Lee Harvey Oswald dolls in drag to the clean lines of Matt Magee’s detergent bottle art, Dolores has made the sometimes unapproachable and esoteric world of art both entertaining and enlightening.


     Dolores also writes features for the magazine casting that same curious eye on the unusual and turning out spotlights on laid-back lion trainers and over-the-top fright-night displays along with more serious investigative stories.   


     She also writes regular real estate and Life Remembered features for The Arizona Republic and for the past seven years wrote art features  for The Scottsdale Republic.   Her work has also appeared in USA Today. 


    Dolores also writes health, education and retail stories for The Arizona Republic Custom Publishing Division.  


     Prior to freelancing, Dolores wrote for 20 years for the The Arizona Republic. She joined the paper in 1988, fulfilling her childhood dream of being the next Lois Lane or Mary Tyler Moore (ok, if you don’t get that reference, how about the next Katie Couric?)


     She wrote a celebrity column AZ Buzz, which featured  local and national celebrities. Dolores has interviewed such stars as Patrick Swayze, Bob Hope, Waylon Jennings, Willard Scott, Robin Leach, Tony Randall,  Sandra Bernhard, Reggie Jackson, Sugar Ray Leonard, George Clooney, Sam Moore, Clive Cussler and many more.


Dolores later became the arts reporter for the award-winning Scottsdale Republic, interviewing Yoko Ono, Olympia Dukakis, and more and previewing performances at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, exhibitions at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art and the Downtown Arts District as well as covering the business of arts through the Scottsdale Cultural Council.


During the course of her 20 years as a reporter, Dolores also covered business, retail, transportation, crime and fashion as well the grisly murder of Ira Pomerantz who was dismembered by his French wife, a hairdresser who was apparently quite handy with her scissors.


One of her most memorable moments was covering the 65th Annual Academy Awards in Hollywood and interviewing Sophia Loren. Another was chatting with Billy Crystal in his baseball suite during the opening of the former Bank One Ballpark in downtown Phoenix



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Dolores Tropiano


     Dolores Tropiano writes a monthly arts feature for the PHOENIX  magazine, honing in on some of the hottest artists in Arizona today. 


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